Responsible Development

Oro Valley is a desirable place to live, and we are working every day to make it better. Because of our safety, views, and amenities, managing growth responsibly will always be important. I believe in responsible growth that benefits the majority of Oro Valley residents, and in order to make sure I represent you in these decisions, I have committed to
not accept campaign donations from developers.

Prior councils accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from real-estate developers, landowners and builders and then voted unanimously for many General Plan amendments and re-zonings.

As a council, we continue to process and review development requests, but have upheld the voter approved General Plan. We have advocated for smart and responsible development that benefits the entire community.

For example, we expanded Oro Valley’s boundaries south to Ina road with the annexation of the Westward Look Resort, which will bring $750,000 a year in new tax income to the Town.

Demonstrating a commitment to bringing in high quality jobs and businesses, we amended codes to allow streamlined approvals in our tech park at Innovation Park and elsewhere. Soon after, we were able to welcome Leonardo Electronics to Oro Valley who will invest $100M and bring in 170 high quality new jobs.

Open Space is important in our community, and will remain so. We listened to residents’ concerns when the former Vistoso Golf course was slated for senior care, homes, and high density residential; our Council received over 1,000 letters and comments against this proposal. We supported residents and worked with them to purchase 202 acres of open space which will become a Town Park this July, now called Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve.  

Our opponents have advocated for 6 story, 75 foot apartment buildings on the Tangerine scenic corridor at the Marketplace.  I support a mixed-use concept for the Marketplace, but I could not support the mass, scale, and placement of the proposed apartments. Council then granted a continuance directing the applicant to return with a plan that fit our existing height and setback limits in the code. I expect that this new proposal will come back before the council in the near future.

Making sure that Oro Valley grows in a responsible way that benefits existing and future residents is a critical role of the council. I have focused on responsible growth and commit to continue my efforts in the next four years.

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