Public Safety

Oro Valley is now ranked as the #1 Safest City in Arizona! Town Council continues to support our police force, and appointed our two-time “Best in the Northwest” award-winning Police Chief, Kara Riley. The Council has approved all funding requests, and has raised salaries to make our officers the best paid in Southern Arizona to help us recruit and retain the best!

Public Safety is the foundation of a community we can all enjoy. As we work to make Oro Valley the best place in Arizona to live, work, and play, we continue to prioritize safety.

In fact, Oro Valley was recently ranked the #1 SAFEST community in Arizona based on FBI crime statistics by Elite Personal Finance (source).

In 2018 we selected Chief Kara Riley after an extensive nationwide search. Chief Riley was recognized by residents as the best public official in Northwest Tucson in 2021 and again in 2022 for her fine work. Over the past two years, Chief Riley has built upon the OVPD legacy of success with new programs to develop officer capabilities, health and mental fitness, as well as physical well being. She instituted a text to 911 program to serve residents better. She is highly regarded by her department and community.

In 2022, the Town negotiated a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a pay raise for our Police Officers, making them the best paid officers in Southern Arizona. This will assist the Town to attract and retain the very best police talent to serve our residents. The Town Council has approved all requests for officers and funding that have been made.

Public Safety involves a system that includes the Town Court. Town Council hired Town Magistrate James Hazel, who has taken the court paperless, improved administration, and gotten through a backlog of cases. He is available to our officers 24/7 for warrants, and has improved officer morale by making sure those arrested face appropriate consequences. The improved court system also contributes to the safety of our community. I am committed to continue supporting Chief Riley’s successful leadership of the Oro Valley police department. This is demonstrated by 100% funding for the Oro Valley Police Pension, and approving the necessary funding for her to continue to provide Town residents unmatched service.

Mayor Joe Winfield speaks at a recent State of the Town event and highlights the importance of public safety and a recent kind experiences with the Oro Valley Police department