Parks and Recreation Amenities for All Residents

I believe in responsibly investing in Parks and Recreation for all residents within existing Town revenues

Oro Valley is a diverse community with ⅓ of our residents over 60, and ⅓ under 45. Our town is growing from retirees coming to enjoy our warm weather, and young families attracted by our great schools and safe community.

We believe that the best way to enhance the quality of life for all town residents is to invest in parks and recreation amenities that serve all ages. The more active we all are, the healthier mentally and physically we will be.

Our council has approved major investments to improve golf, pickleball, and tennis at the community center, and we will soon start the build out of Naranja Park adding sports fields, a splash pad, 3 basketball courts, 6 pickleball courts, plus a skate park and bike track. We previously allocated funding for the popular new Naranja Park Playground, the first the Town had added in 20 years.

As Oro Valley grows we will provide safe connections to town parks, schools and shopping through expanding the off street multi-use path system. We will add three more miles this year plus a six mile loop in the town’s newest park, Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve. At the end of this year Oro Valley will have 30 miles of safe, off street walking, biking and jogging paths

Through responsible fiscal management, Oro Valley will add these and other amenities within town resources without any additional sales or property taxes. To accomplish this your council broadened the use of the Community Center tax to serve all town parks, and used the savings from golf subsidy reductions to pay for a $25M parks bond which will complete all new and improved amenities in the next 2 years.

Mayor Joe Winfield speaks about the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and the expanded existing sales tax revenue (no property tax) to roll out prioritized recreation resources for town residents of all ages after an 18-month citizen involvement process.