My Positions and Vision
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Danny Sharp’s Negative and False Campaign

I have run a positive campaign about my vision and hope to help fulfill Oro Valley’s bright future. However, my opponent is sending residents negative mailings which are either misleading or outright false, which forces me to call him out. Read about the facts and my responses here.

Oro Valley Mayor Joe Winfield Seeks Re-Election in 2022

Dear friends,

It’s my honor to serve as Mayor for the Town of Oro Valley. Today, I am announcing that I will run for re-election this year and would appreciate your vote.

Four years ago, I announced my candidacy to become your mayor because I felt the Oro Valley residents needed to be heard and deep-pocket contributors had the appearance of unduly influencing Town Council decisions. I believe that Oro Valley needed “a new direction” where everyone has an equal voice on matters related to its future.

Joining me are Councilmembers Melanie BarrettJoyce Jones-Ivey, and Josh Nicolson. We ran and were elected as a team and have been honored to serve the citizens of Oro Valley for four years. We will run as a team again in 2022.

We will run a self and resident funded campaign to ensure that council decisions are made in the best interest of the Town. We invite you to join us and welcome donations from residents who want an independent Town Council representing them. We want to build upon and expand the many successes the Town has experienced under our leadership and make Oro Valley the best place to live, work, and play in Arizona.

I invite you to join and support our team in running this resident focused and funded campaign for re-election to serve you. Your vote matters, please vote to re-elect Joe Winfield, Melanie Barrett, Joyce Jones-Ivey, and Josh Nicolson!