A Message From Oro Valley Mayor-elect Joe Winfield


 ORO VALLEY, AZ—AUGUST 30, 2018:   First, I want to thank Mayor Satish Hiremath and council members Joe Hornat, Mary Snider and Lou Waters for their eight years of service to Oro Valley. Our town has taken many positive steps forward under their leadership.

Next, I want to thank our council candidates Melanie Barrett, Joyce Jones-Ivey, and Josh Nicolson for their valiant effort and the support of their families.  This was not an easy decision for any of us. Running for elected office is not for the faint of heart or sunshine patriots. It involved many days of displacing family responsibilities and getting by with a lot less sleep.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to thank all the Oro Valley residents who supported our campaigns – our campaign teams – supporting volunteers – individual donors and all those who chose to vote for each of us.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all of our supporters for your belief in our team. My commitment to town residents is that we will work hard to represent all residents and make Oro Valley the best town in Arizona.

It’s Time For The Next Yellow Shirt Run/Walk/Ride!

It’s time for the next Yellow Shirt Run/Walk/Ride!! Please join us in the North Parking lot of Fry’s at 1st and Oracle (10661 N Oracle Rd). We will walk along 1st towards Naranja and back to Fry’s. Wear your Yellow shirt and bring your family and friends! If you don’t have a yellow shirt, we’ll get you one! See you there!

Voter Registration Deadline TODAY!!

Today is the last day you can register to vote or update your voter registration in order to vote in Arizona’s Primary Election. Let’s not let another election go by without making the changes in leadership that Oro Valley needs. It’s time for a new direction! See you at the polls Aug 28th!

To register to vote, Visit: https://servicearizona.com/voterRegistration

Candidate Debate for Oro Valley Mayor and Town Council

Mark your calendars!  It’s time for the debate!


Tuesday, July 31st

6:00 to 8:00 PM

Hilton El Conquistador Hotel


Hosted by The Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce, this debate will be attended by all eight candidates running for Oro Valley Mayor and Town Council. This event is free and open to the public.

The debate will be moderated by Chamber President, Dave Perry. You may submit questions to be considered during the debate by emailing him at dave@orovalleychamber.com


ORO VALLEY, AZ—July 23, 2018– Recently filed campaign finance reports for Oro Valley incumbents Mayor Hiremath, and council members Hornat, Snider and Waters revealed that their reelection campaigns continue to rely heavily on developers, land owners and Special Interest donors. As a group they collected over $56,000 in this first filing period [April 29- June 30 2018] from parties who have business dealings or expect to conduct business with Oro Valley in the future. Topping the list are the usual suspects: The Kai family, HSL and employees, Jeff Grobstein President Meritage Homes, and a host of others who will continue to contribute to keep their council in office.

When asked about the surge of special interest money to the incumbents, Mayoral candidate Joe Winfield responded, “Special Interest influence on Oro Valley land use decisions is the major complaint I hear from voters.  I thought the incumbents would reconsider relying on Special Interest money in this election in light of allegations of ‘Pay to Play’ by residents of the town. But, in further review, it looks as though the incumbent mayor and town council were forced to take special interest contributions because small $50 or less campaign contributions from town residents to Mayor Hiremath amounted to less than $100.”  After further review of Hiremath’s filing, it was discovered that less than 3% of his contributions came from supporters who reside in Oro Valley.

Winfield continues, “My promise and that of Joyce Jones-Ivey, Josh Nicolson and Melanie Barrett is that we will not seek nor accept contributions from special interests but will represent Oro Valley residents in our council decisions.”



Yellow Shirt Run/Walk/Ride

This morning we held our third “Yellow Shirt Run/Walk/Ride”.  We went along Tangerine Road today. It felt great to get out with supporters. We also enjoyed the waves, smiles and friendly honking from passers by.   A special thank you to all who have joined us in these Yellow Shirt events. “Thank You!”

Look out for our next Yellow Shirt Run/Walk/Ride on August 4th at 7AM!  More information to follow.


Candidates In Your Neignborhood

Thank you all who came out and supported our “Yellow Shirt Walk/Run/Ride” today. We had a wonderful turn out and want you all to know we see our momentum building and growing. Please join us next week at the Safeway at 7am in Rancho Vistoso. Thank you!


Oro Valley Mayoral Candidate Joe Winfield Calls Out Special Interest Influence in Oro Valley, AZ

A fundamental power of town government is to regulate land use & zoning. Land use and zoning should reflect the desires of our community as expressed in the Town’s General Plan.

The incumbents have willingly accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers.

Zoning changes proposed by these same developers and approved by the incumbents have resulted in significant intensification of zoning densities, which many residents believe is contrary to the General Plan.

I believe that by accepting tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers the incumbents are beholden to developers and not the community.

For this reason, I have made a pledge to not knowingly accept campaign contributions from any person or entity that might benefit from doing business with the Town.

Please view the following video and decide for yourself if accepting tens of thousands of dollars from Special Interests is a good idea for the governance of our community, and don’t forget to vote August 28.

8 vying for Oro Valley’s mayoral seat, Town Council posts


The town of Oro Valley will hold its primary elections for mayor and three Town Council seats on Aug. 28.

Incumbent Mayor Satish Hiremath is seeking re-election to his third term and will face off against Joe Winfield, who ran for the position during a recall election in 2015.

For the Town Council, three incumbent candidates, Vice Mayor Lou Waters and council members Joe Hornat and Mary Snider are seeking to return for another four-year term. Opposing them are Melanie Barrett, Joyce Jones-Ivey and Josh Nicolson.

The El Conquistador Golf Club — now the Oro Valley Community Center — continues to be an issue for the town since its purchase in 2015 for $1 million. According to the town budget for 2017, Oro Valley had expenditures of nearly $6.5 million related to the club.

The Arizona Daily Star talked to the eight candidates about their motivation for running, how they would address the community center, and their visions for the next four years.

Read the rest of the story at: Tucson.com

The Golf Club at Vistoso: Another Victim of the Mayor’s Purchase of the El Conquistador Country Club

The Golf Club at Vistoso is showing the effects of the Mayor and Council picking winners and losers in the local Oro Valley golf industry. It’s so sobering to see this once beautiful course drying out. We need to stop “golf welfare” in Oro Valley.