Special Interests

During the period 2014 through 2016 Special Interests invested heavily in our town council to create a monolithic 7-0 majority. Since 2016 over 90% of all decisions have been 7-0 votes, with many items agreed prior to council meetings by “consent agenda” with no public input or discussion.  In the past 18 months no developer requested zoning or General Plan changes have been denied by the Oro Valley town council.

The large donors and their contributions to our town council from 2014 to 2016 were:

HSL                              $80,000
Kai Family                       $22,800
Builder & Realtor Associations   $18,044
Diamond Ventures                 $13,910
Venture West                     $10,350
Greg Wexler                       $9,400
Total                           $154,504


Mayor Hiremath and incumbent councilmembers Hornat, Snider and Waters have again turned to their developer and special interest contributors for funding in the August 28th Primary Election. Their campaign finance reports for the period April 29th through June 30th 2018 document over $56,000 in developer and special interest donations or over 90% of all contributions in this first reporting period.

Mayor Hiremath only received 3% of his campaign contributions from Oro Valley resident supporters.
It’s no wonder they don’t listen to residents.

A New Direction for Oro Valley 

My commitment to Oro Valley residents is that I will not seek or accept donations from developer or others interested in influencing Oro Valley council decisions.  To do this I have started by self-funding my campaign, and I am asking Oro Valley residents to join me in donating what they can to help me run a campaign and town free of special interest influence.