The Town paid nearly $400K and three years producing “Your Voice, Our Future” or the Town’s General Plan.  To the Town’s credit a significant effort was made to involve the public in developing the General Plan to reflect the residents vision for our community including managing growth and maintaining high design standards.  Some key points made by residents regarding growth and community identity were:

  • Keep small-town, neighborly feel
  • Concern about rapid growth
  • Current rate of growth is “about right” (2014)
  • Nice place to live
  • Quiet, delightful, laid back and peaceful
  • Increase commercial services and employment opportunities
  • Grow by adding new areas to Town limits
  • Quality of built environment sets OV apart

As I have talked one-on-one with hundreds of residents the greatest concern expressed to me is the “hyper-growth” and “type” of growth.  Along with those concern is the feeling that our elected officials are simply not listening to residents about the loss of Oro Valley’s unique community identity as a special place.


A New Direction for Oro Valley

My commitment to Oro Valley will be to respect and listen to residents and not Special Interests. I will not support amendments to the General Plan or rezoning that does not have the support of at least simple majority of the residents.