Annual Town expenditures have increased $47M or 83% during the current administration. These expenditures can be accounted for in four categories:

$10M             Personnel (Not including Troon)
$5M               Troon Operations (Golf Course)
$16M             Capital Outlays (incl. Golf Course)
$16M             Operations & Maintenance
$47M             Total Expenditure Increase

In spite of this significant increase in expenditures the town’s geographic area has not grown, the population of Oro Valley has experienced an 8% increase during the same time, and inflation has been held to 12%.  Town Full-time Equivalents (FTEs) increased by 59 or 18% under the current mayor and three town council members but the Expenditures for Town employees have increased 44% or $10M (Not including the Troon employees).  The greatest increase in FTEs has been in Community Development and Public Works, and Parks and Recreation, 34% and 48% respectively.

The growth of Oro Valley Town government has been unprecedented during the Hiremath administration.

A New Direction for Oro Valley

My commitment to Oro Valley will be to recommend a hiring freeze for a minimum of 90-days to determine what town staffing positions can be eliminated or left vacant.  I will recommend re-examining department budgets to determine non-discretionary and discretionary costs and reduce budget levels as appropriate.  I will recommend re-examining the proposed $14M bond to determine need, and analyze pay as you go strategies.  I will put a hold on efforts like “Main Streets”, Sports Tourism, and other initiatives that are not supported by the General Plan and/or the community.