ORO VALLEY, AZ—July 23, 2018– Recently filed campaign finance reports for Oro Valley incumbents Mayor Hiremath, and council members Hornat, Snider and Waters revealed that their reelection campaigns continue to rely heavily on developers, land owners and Special Interest donors. As a group they collected over $56,000 in this first filing period [April 29- June 30 2018] from parties who have business dealings or expect to conduct business with Oro Valley in the future. Topping the list are the usual suspects: The Kai family, HSL and employees, Jeff Grobstein President Meritage Homes, and a host of others who will continue to contribute to keep their council in office.

When asked about the surge of special interest money to the incumbents, Mayoral candidate Joe Winfield responded, “Special Interest influence on Oro Valley land use decisions is the major complaint I hear from voters.  I thought the incumbents would reconsider relying on Special Interest money in this election in light of allegations of ‘Pay to Play’ by residents of the town. But, in further review, it looks as though the incumbent mayor and town council were forced to take special interest contributions because small $50 or less campaign contributions from town residents to Mayor Hiremath amounted to less than $100.”  After further review of Hiremath’s filing, it was discovered that less than 3% of his contributions came from supporters who reside in Oro Valley.

Winfield continues, “My promise and that of Joyce Jones-Ivey, Josh Nicolson and Melanie Barrett is that we will not seek nor accept contributions from special interests but will represent Oro Valley residents in our council decisions.”